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Heartfelt Care in the Heartland

Heartfelt Care in the Heartland

Hawkeye Care Centers were founded by Mike Hamm a humble yet driven Iowan set on a mission to provide exceptional environments for families in need of long-term care. Established nearly 40 years ago, Hamm raised the bar for senior living, instilling deeply rooted family values of integrity, trust and compassion in each of his communities.

Hawkeye Care Center Dubuque is located on five acres on the west side of Dubuque and is literally connected to an old Catholic Church, St. Philomena’s, which still holds Mass on Saturdays. Smallish in size, it offers a more personalized family feel and is well known for the stability of its nursing staff. The Care Center also features Independent Senior Living Apartments in the lower level.

As a Hawkeye Care Center, we’re part of a phenomenal family of senior care communities with strong, supportive leadership and roots in Iowa that go back more than four decades. Our core values were created to bring out true happiness, positivity and fun for every one of our residents, as well inspire employees to always do the right thing.

Our Core Values

Hawkeye Care Centers prides itself on being resident-focused, encouraging employees to make smart, responsible decisions that are in the best interest of individual residents. Every employee strives each day to act on these core values to help make their Hawkeye Care Center a place where loved ones belong.

Expect Phenomenal Support

To communicate, evaluate and respond in a manner that exceeds expectations.

Strive to Do the Right Thing

To be honest, to act and make decisions that are morally correct. To treat others equally. To be consistent and accountable for your actions and decisions.

Embrace Change

To think proactively. Anticipate ways to improve ourselves and the organization.

Encourage Fun

To create an enthusiastic positive atmosphere that others want to belong to.

Effect Responsible Financial Success

Strive for operational excellence through timely and thoughtful decision-making processes.

Create a Family and Friends Atmosphere

To treat everyone with respect and love.

Be an Industry Leader

Be innovative. Guide and support the long term care profession while upholding Hawkeye Care Centers’ positive reputation.

You belong at Hawkeye Care Center.

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