Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the cost associated with nursing home care?

Answer: An evaluation of the level of care the resident requires is done within 48 hours of admission. The level of care rate sheet which determines the daily rate is part of the admission packet. Statements are mailed by the first of the month to pay in advance for the charges in the upcoming month.

Question: What documentation will I need to provide?

Answer: We will need the following cards: Medicare, Medical Supplemental Card, Pharmacy Card (if the resident is part of a prescription program), Medicare Part D, Social Security Card, and Medicaid if applicable.

We also need a copy of the Durable Power of Attorney for medical decisions, the Financial General Power of Attorney and Living Will.

In addition to these documents, the new resident will need a tuberculosis screening to be administered 48 hours before admission, and read by a nurse prior to or on admission. A physical is required as well.

Question: What are the types of care provided at Hawkeye Care Center Dubuque?

Answer: Skilled Care: The federal government through Medicare administers the skilled program. Typically, the resident qualifying for skilled care requires extensive therapy treatment which Medicare will pay for for a limited period of time. In order to qualify for skilled care, a resident must have been hospitalized for at least three days prior to admission. Many of our skilled residents return to their own homes after their rehabilitation.

Intermediate Care: The care provided at the Intermediate level is under the direction of a professional nursing staff 24 hours per day. The services provided to residents may include assistance with dressing, bathing, feeding, continence care, ambulation, and administration of medications depending on the condition of the resident. Pay for these services may come from the individual, long-term care insurance or Medicaid for those who have depleted their financial resources.

Question: What are ADLs (Activities of Daily Living)?

Answer: Bathing, dressing, ambulating, grooming, and eating.

Question: What about TV?

Answer: Each resident may bring a television set, but you do not have to go through the cable company. Cable is available to the whole building for a monthly fee of $10.00 per month.

Question: What about medications? Can I bring the prescription bottles that we have at home?

Answer: No, except for residents receiving VA medications, all other medications are administered using the unit dose system, keeping the process orderly and controlled.

No over the counter medications are allowed such as Tylenol, cough medicine, vitamin pills, etc. We may get these medications on behalf of the resident, but they must be under a doctor’s order, properly labeled, and administered by our staff in most cases.

If interested in learning about Veteran Administration medication, contact the Director of Nursing.

Question: What about furnishing the room?

Answer: The room comes with a bed, nightstand, and dresser. We encourage families to make the room personal, for example, by bringing a favorite chair or family pictures.

What not to bring: Throw rugs, door stops, extension cords, big oscillating fans (tower fans are acceptable), heating pads, or living evergreen arrangements. Also, no aerosol cans or sharp objects are allowed. Safety first.

Question: What about a phone in the resident’s room?

Answer: Phone service is a private arrangement between the phone company and the resident’s family member. For short-term stays, you might just consider a cell phone. If the resident does not want a phone, calls may be directed to Hawkeye Care Center Dubuque.

Question: Do you criminally screen your caregivers?

Answer: Yes, we perform a background check on all employees before hiring.

Question: Do you accept long-term care insurance?

Answer: Many of our residents have long-term care insurance. We work closely with all parties involved to provide the proper paperwork and information required for reimbursement.

Question: Are worship services provided?

Answer: Local churches rotate presenting services on Saturday and worship services are offered at least one additional time throughout the week.

Question: Are there set hours that I can visit my loved one?

Answer: Suggested hours are 9 AM to 9 PM, however guests may come at any time. We ask that visits avoid meal times so that the residents can get proper nutrition. Many families plan their visits around the activities that their loved one enjoys. Families are encouraged to take their loved ones on outings.

Question: When is staff available?

Answer: Both professional nursing and certified nursing assistants are on duty 24/7.

Feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have.

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