The Business of Caring for Residents Is Our First Priority


Hawkeye Care Center Dubuque prides itself on its more personalized family atmosphere from its relatively small size and the longevity of its devoted, highly experienced staff.

Nursing Services

About 70% of our employees are nursing personnel including licensed registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and certified nursing assistants. They are on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some have been with us for many, many years.

Nurses are in charge of patients’ medications and take this responsibility very seriously. Each medication is distributed by a dose system which consists of individual compartments and color-coding for each time of the day. Under this system, doses are assured along with the safety of drug distribution. Physicians are immediately contacted if there are any concerns or changes.


Hawkeye Care Center Dubuque’s dietary staff is dedicated to serving residents three delicious meals a day and nutritious snacks throughout the day. We have an open dining atmosphere and helpful servers are here to add a personal touch to residents’ dining experience.

We offer:

  • A five-week menu cycle which offers two meal choices for lunch and evening meals, and salad bar with dessert bar at lunch
  • Restaurant-style dining program- residents are given menus and their order is taken at the table; these meals reflect preferences and likes of residents and help create a unique dining experience
  • Different diet types and special diet management via the consultation of a registered dietician who monitors meal intakes, weight, medication and lab results of residents; the consultant also recommends any dietary changes and possible medical interventions through residents’ physicians
  • Consultation services from our Certified Dietary Manager for residents’ and families’ education

Resident-Centered Service
Experience has shown us that individualized care and routine helps residents become more comfortable with new surroundings. Consistent staffing also helps as employees can see residents flourish and evolve over time. Additionally, because a resident’s personal choice is at the heart of Hawkeye Care Centers, we strive to place all possible decisions into the hands of our residents.

Safety is always key and Hawkeye ensures its residents’ and employees’ safety with sprinklers, the most up-to-date alarm system and a backup generator in case of emergencies. Our part- and full-time maintenance personnel take care of our buildings’ interiors and exteriors and keep all mechanical equipment in excellent condition. Maintenance is also in charge of the grounds including the garden and patio areas, parking lots, walkways, and grass and snow removal.

Social Services

It’s the mission of Social Services to provide psycho-social, spiritual and emotional support to residents and their families during this transitional time in life. There are so many issues to consider prior to entering a Hawkeye Care Center. Social Services is here to help with:

  • Evaluation, placement and adjustment of a resident to Hawkeye Care Center
  • Answering questions on policies as well as federal and state requirements
  • Requirements such as a TB test, medical exam and physician’s order
  • Required admission documents including living wills, durable power of attorney, emergency issues of resuscitation
  • Clear presentation of costs such as what to expect and how costs are determined
  • Nursing home insurance, Medicare and Medicaid assistance
  • Completing paperwork prior to admission
  • Personal information about resident’s history, interests and needs


The activity department’s goal is to bring additional quality of life daily to our residents. Our activities staff is trained to understand the special needs and limitations of aging residents and to work together to modify programs to meet their needs.

Activities play a critical role at any age, but especially for seniors like the residents at Hawkeye Care Center Dubuque. Each resident’s psychological needs are delicate and each possesses a history and background which is personal and unique. This means recreational therapy goes far beyond arts and crafts. It means more programs that aid in memory recovery and physical functions.

Program scheduling is based upon seven basic needs in life:

  • Social
  • Physical
  • Spiritual
  • Educational
  • Work Type
  • Recreational
  • Just For the Fun of It

Housekeeping / Laundry / Maintenance

Hawkeye Care Centers prides itself on maintaining clean and pleasant surroundings thanks to the tireless, dedicated members of our housekeeping team. We recognize the long hours and great efforts they make to ensure our care center is sanitary and welcoming.

Our laundry department processes 1,800 pounds of laundry each day including residents’ personal laundry and linens. Laundry service is 7 days a week.

You belong at Hawkeye Care Center.

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